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07-03-2006, 08:58 PM
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[QUOTE=Herby;5910325]Great, he won 31 games, he also lost 29, and played 63. He was 35th in GAA and 37th in save%. Just like in the 2005 season in Manchester he fell aoart in the second half, when it happens twice in a row maybe its time to realize he just doesn't have the brain to be a #1 goalie.
Funny how that ***** defense was fine until around January, when the goaltenders started to crap the bed everynight.

I think so many of you guys fell in love with this guy because he makes the occasional spectacular save, which I'm not disputing he doesn't, he has great reflexes and had some hightlight reel saves, but far to often he let in crap goals, the type of goals that break a teams backs, the same kind of goals all of us hated Cechmanek and Storr for giving up.

Garon is alot like Storr, all the skills, just missing things on the mental part of it.

p.s. - The Kings were right in the middle for SA in the NHL, at 14th. The Kings gave up less shots then Montreal, Carolina, Nashville and Buffalo just to name a few.

The difference is, those teams had goalies who actually stopped the pucks, so they made the playoffs.[/QUOTE]

Or maybe he just doesnt have the endurance yet. Kind of hard going from 15 games a year to 60+ with no in between. Endurance and brains are 2 different things.

Yeah he gave up goals Ill agree with that. On the other hand what about the offense that clammed up? Kind of hard to make the playoffs when the people paid to score dont do it.

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