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Originally Posted by Recoil View Post
You must work for ESPN.

QBs are very important in the NFL. They are not as important as the media would have you believe. You don't NEED an elite QB to win a Superbowl, you just need a competent one, or at the very least, one who won't make a lot of mistakes. You can win with a Game Managed QB *IF* you have a strong enough team around you.

I'll still argue that Eli Manning is barely an above average QB. He's won two superbowls, sure. But his talent alone is just above average. He turns the ball over a lot, and isn't really accurate at times. But he has some sickly talented WRs and TEs over the years, great O-Line play, and oh, btw, a solid defense on those Super Bowl teams.

Football is one of the ultimate team sports. It takes more than one player to win a championship. It's true a horrible QB can sink a teams chances, but an average QB can take you far if you have enough other strengths to overcome it.

Regarding Flacco, I think he's above average. I agree trading him would never happen. But wow, they could get a haul for the guy and come out smelling like a rose at the end if they did. One reason I'd do it? Because I have one of the best GMs in the business making those draft picks and free agent pick-ups. Ozzy Newsome has a GREAT track record at drafting talent, why not turn him loose and keep that team young and relevant.
Eli Manning had a bad season this year and the Giants didn't make the playoffs. He had a really good season last year and they won the Supwerbowl.

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