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02-05-2013, 04:49 PM
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Originally Posted by S E P H View Post
I love you cgf, but you tend to overrate Bundesliga players.

Lahm and Badstuber are good players no doubt. I even consider Boateng underrated, but you can find good defenders who can replace him or Alaba with Lewandowski's transfer price. I think Mandzukic is a really good striker, so maybe you can sell him to make room for Lew and use Mandzukic's transfer money for a defender. I still think Bayern needs another one to compete against the Barcas and RMs.
Originally Posted by cgf View Post
Lahm is better than either Barca or RM have right now, Dante's playing as well as anyone on either of those squads and Alaba is one of the world's best young FBs in europe and just as good as Alba. Hell even Boateng's really broken out this year with Dante next to him to do the thinking for him. Would Bayern be better with Silva next to Dante? Sure, but they'd look even more betterer with Falcao up front. The defense has been absolutely astounding for Bayern and definitely not as big of a need as a better striker. Dante has simply transformed them this year, they're no longer susceptible on the counter or to corners.
Yeah, that Bayern needs a defender thing is a pretty popular urban myth in soccer circles. We could probably use one right now more than we could in the summer, with Badstuber out for another few months and Kirchoff still in Mainz. There's also Martinez who can play very formidable in there. I think enough has been said about Dante, and Boateng has really played great this year. And even without Dante, and Martinez stabilizing the defensive midfield, and Alaba with less experience in that position, I would like to point out that we have been competing with Real quite nicely last season.

But the main point is that while I don't really see a ton of a need for Lewandowski, it would be a much better deal to spend the money on him than to bring someone in an attempt to upgrade Alaba. For once, I don't think any player that's actually an upgrade on Alaba is available for that price, let alone a player that age, that oozes of potential (while already being outstanding). There's few guys in the world at his position that I'd take over when it comes to a current level of play / age ratio. We'll probably be looking to upgrade on a backup for him, but that isn't going to be "Lewandowski" money.

Anyway, I'm not buying the Lewandowski rumors for now. The only one that can make this happen is Lewandowski himself. Dortmund will rightfully try to handle it the very same way as Leverkusen did with Vidal and try all they can to not let him go to Bayern. The only way they would is if Lewandowski tells them straigth up, well, that's where I will go and only there, so if I'll play another year here in Dortmund and go to Bayern after that, that's good for me, but I won't sign anywhere else. If he sells Dortmund on that, I can see them taking Bayern's money before letting him go for free the year after. But I don't really believe that Lewandowski will want to go to Bayern that badly to really sell Dortmund that. Bayern's probably a nice option for him, but I'm sure there'll be others, and in the end, I'd expect him to make things a little easier for himself and simply move to another league.

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