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Originally Posted by Illinihockey View Post
Eli Manning had a bad season this year and the Giants didn't make the playoffs. He had a really good season last year and they won the Supwerbowl.
Those aren't the only two factors in the Giants winning and losing seasons, however. But that sort of statement is EXACTLY what you get when you go on ESPN. They toss out one stat like that in a vacuum and make it sound like its the only reason, when its not.

In fact, let's look at Eli's numbers this season from his superbowl season the year before:

Comp %
2011: 61%
2012: 59.9%

2011: 4933
2012: 3948

2011: 8.38
2012: 7.37

2011: 29
2012: 26

2011: 22 (16 INT 6 FUM)
2012: 19 (15 INT 4 FUM)

The only category that is markedly different is Yards per Attempt (which is why yards was different as well). A lot of that is attributed not to the QB, but to a combination of play calling and play making. In 2012 Eli didn't have Victor Cruz taking the world by storm and breaking several plays for 80+ yards and a TD.

From where I sit, he wasn't much different this year from last year, and in some areas he was worse in his Superbowl year. I doubt Eli had much of an impact/difference between the two seasons. There are 52 other people on the team, however, who had varying degrees of success (or lack thereof) between the two that probably had a bigger impact on those outcomes.

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