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02-05-2013, 04:58 PM
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There are many individual pieces that combined make the current situation a complicated one

The "best" defender suter has not been the best at all though he's starting to get going
Granlund should have been tried on the wing a lot sooner
Heatley thinks he's still playing lock out golf ,he's mentally in some cave and not on the ice. He's performances have been alot worse than granlunds if you compare the expectations versus revenue on the 1 line so far as an entirety
Same with brodziak scratch the guy to wake him up and take larsson to do the job as an early warning ,the guy has no hunger at all or then he's not healthy .
Bäckstöm is over reacting almost storming the puck and causing goals by being out off position ,even one bad mistake a game is bad if you have severe scoring issues

And then we have mike tenderfoot yeo

I like him as an person he seems honest and all but decisions about the lineup change off lines
changes inside games has to be more accurate and sharper
If the game plan or lines dont work then you mix it
If the powerplay is **** then you fix it!

Feels like he's kind off tender to **** people off inside the team, he needs to be more aggressive and dynamic cause unless he gets he's **** together heads will start to "fall"

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