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02-05-2013, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by wunderpanda View Post
I've watched every game. Hodgson is bad at faceoffs. He has a terrible shot. He is weak defensively. and he was developed (propped up) last season with the Sedins and Kesler before he bottomed out here. Suddenly he looks good playing with Vanek.

Vanek makes centres look good, remember Luke Adam?
He was bad at faceoffs. He is improving. Why not let him? I never understood this mentality that when a guy isn't good at something, the answer is to prevent him from doing it so he never gets better.

He isn't weak defensively. He has made some mistakes and he needs to improve but the potential is clearly there and he seems to be getting better.

A terrible shot???

Propped up??? You watch every Canuck game too I'm guessing?

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