Thread: Goalies: A little equipment help.
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02-05-2013, 05:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Analyzer View Post
It rises about an inch, or so. It goes from "Feels good, man" to, for some reason this doesn't feel good.

I'd post pics, but my laptop is currently not accept my camera's usb cord.

4 Straps on back/side.

5 on each arm.

It shifts up and down. Occasionally it'll shift back into how it's suppose to.

I'd say it's a baby gut well on it's way to a keg if I don't change.
Those types of C/A are supposed to ride up and down. The problem is when it rides up and stays up.

I really think suspenders will solve your problem. Because they go over your shoulders, the suspenders will pull everything down when you stand up.

Another thing you can do is use that loop in the front to tie your pants and your C/A together.

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