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02-05-2013, 05:33 PM
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I definitely agree with this. He has improved his skating a lot this year. I was still somewhat surprised that Craig Button compared the two today. He said that most NHL teams would probably value Samuelsson more than Lazar. It kind of surprises me because he had Samuelsson ranked 29th last year in a much weaker draft.
I think it would make more sense to actually show what was said.

Button was asked: Better EDM Oil kings prospect Lazar or Henrik Samuelsson?

This was the answer - Interesting question. Different players. Henrik is a player who reminds me in style to Claude Lemieux. Big, strong, nasty, and has skill. Curtis is a very good two-way player who has very good scoring hands. Henrik is more unique so I think players like him may be more coveted but Curtis is a very good NHL prospect who I feel will help a team win.

You're right in questioning Button's placement of Lazar and Samuelsson in his rankings, considering how highly he speaks of this draft.

I really don't think he answered the question. Henrik being more unique or rare doesn't make him a better prospect.

In my eyes it's like saying Tom Wilson is the more rare prospect, so he's better than Filip Forsberg. I just don't see that as true.

Samuelsson was 29th on his final list last year, 54 the list before the final (Memorial Cup inflation), yet Lazar has been between 7-25 all season. It's a strange comment to make.

Samuelsson is much improved this year, but I still take Lazar over him every time.

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