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02-05-2013, 06:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Goose View Post
The longer this goes on, the more I'm starting to think the NHL stayed one extra year in Glendale (rather than just move the Coyotes to QC last summer) to allow time for Chris Hansen to buy the Sacramento Kings and get the affairs in order for the new Seattle arena. It just seems too coincidental to me, especially given all of the "milk-Markham-and-QC-for-expansion-fees" theories coming from hockey journalists all over.

I certainly feel for Coyotes fans right now, especially since they're going to be hearing relocation stories every day until the season is over. Making matters worse is that nothing is going to develop until mid-April at the earliest:

NBA regular season ends on 4/17. Kings won't make the Playoffs.
NBA Board of Governors meetings are on 4/18 and 4/19. BOG is expected to approve the sale of the Kings to Hansen.
NHL regular season ends on 4/27. If the Coyotes miss the Playoffs, the relocation wheels will start turning instantly.
a) the players and front office personnel are immune, to anything off-ice, Blue Goose, has been since BK, because this includes all contracts, not just the Coyotes, but their prospects, be it Portland, Gwinnett, or Prescott Valley, where all 3 franchises are currently, you also forget that because of the scheduling, the draft is being held the 28/29 of April, w/ Round 1 of the Playoffs commences on the 30th, so there may not be an immediate announcement, just as there was before the CF appearance last season, no decision will be made until July at the earliest, if the SC Finals go 7. the NBA timeline is spot on.

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