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07-03-2006, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by hattrickshockey2 View Post
Just becuase a team is "rebuilding" doesn't mean that their intentions are to suck for a couple years and get a few high draft picks to help in this process. Teams need to be competitive. Anything less from management or the players will likely result in them losing their job and their respect from around the league. The ST and AM signings are two examples of players that'll help keep the Kings competitive and at the same time help in the rebuilding process as they mentor to the younger players who will eventually become the core of the franchise. Any signing of a UFA such as Chara or Elias can would also help the team rebuild despite also making the team playoff caliber. It's not wise to let players in their early 20's endure years of losing on a bad team and then all of a sudden expeting them to win once they reach a certain again. A team with a Chara or Elias will experience its ups and downs, challenge for the playoffs, and quite possibly win a round or two. The knowledge gained from experiences just like this more often than not helps young players learn what it takes to win, instead of just trying to mold a team of losers into winners at the flip of a switch.

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