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02-05-2013, 08:01 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Do you really believe that the Kings will be able to have enough cash to get equal players in Scuderi and Mitchell, replace Stoll, Penner, Gagne and give Dustin Brown what is going to have to be a huge raise? Some will be easier to replace than others and we have some guys in our system that will help but other teams will be improving and the Kings are going to be lucky to stay as good as they are now in two years if there isn't an impact replacement coming up. Your point about the second rounders being great value is well spoken, but that's what stirred this. Me saying we need our picks in this draft. They say the second round will be as good as the first last year.
We don't have to replace Mitchell next year as he's signed, same as Stoll. As for Scuds, Penner and Gagne, we'll have more than enough cash. Scuds replacement likely won't cost much more than Scuds does now, and we could replace Penner with a bag of peanuts right now and get the same production. Outside of the playoffs, he's been a brutal addition to the team and would easily be replaced. Honestly, I could see us replacing Gagne and Penner from within if Vey and one of Toffoli or Pearson are ready to make the jump. On those two positions, the Kings could conceivably save money.

Brown will be the big test, but I think he could take a discount similar to what Quick did to stay in LA. But time will tell on that.

And as I said, we've had seven firsts since 2006. After this draft we'll have all our picks going forward as well, and it's not like we have nothing in the system. We can afford to miss a 1st and still carry on, look at Detroit for so many years.

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