Thread: Pre-Game Talk: FEB 6TH Boston @ Montreal 7:30PM EST
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02-05-2013, 08:32 PM
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Originally Posted by StellerEller View Post
I hate their guts. One of the most hypocritical teams in the NHL. This current era of the Bruins are such classless thugs, and that's saying something. As for fans, I'll admit that both our fanbase and theirs have many moderate fans and probably equal idiots/obnoxious fans, but boy, do they ever lay in on thick in Massachusetts. I bet the worst ones we encounter probably got on the Bs bandwagon in 2011

The perpetual protection from the NHL in terms of discipline and officiating and the HNIC being so pro-bruins don't help either. Regardless, love the rivalry and expect this game to go to OT.

Here's to more of this:

And this:

You have ne completely lost..I havn't missed a Bruins game in years and you post is completely false..And I've been on the bandwagon for 40+ years. Without a doubt, Marchand is a ball of hate, very similar to Subban, Lucic is a 30 goal scorer who like to scrap every so often and Thornton protect our stars and he backs down from no one and rarely loses although he lost bigtime to Scott. Besides that, who else are you referring too?? To me. thats a pretty average team...I'm not bias and one thing I have on you is I've watched every Bruin game. I very rarely defend my team because I know how it end up..Nobody wins ,,and I'd much rather talk about the great start by Markov, and Habs 2 rookies or The great play of Price and Rask or Marchand with 5 goals already..That makes for alot better chat between 2 hockey fans than this"I hate Boston or Montreal or this player is nothing but a goon etc...Cheers and all the best!!

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