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02-05-2013, 08:39 PM
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Alright, this might actually be a bad hockey team. I mean, it's whatever. If we're in the playoffs come April, anything can happen so I'm not going to start hating on the team or something but, at what point do we stop saying "it's early" "it's rust from the lockout" "it's the amount of roster turnover" and acknowledge that maybe this team actually is not put together well?

I don't know if it's Torts' system or the the players tuning him out.
I don't know if the Nash trade ruined the core and we were better off without him.
I dont know if maybe we just caught lightning in a bottle and overachieved last year.
I don't know what the source of the trouble is.

I do know that I've watched every game so far and we simply don't look like a good hockey team. We have our moments. There's ALWAYS a way to rationalize each game and explain why we lost or how we could have won or how the bounces didn't go our way, but the truth is, even if we could have won a couple of these games and it's just a few bounces here and there that have us at 4-5-0 and not 6-3-0, we haven't looked like a particularly good hockey team. I'm not excited about this team. It doesn't have the feel it had last year. We don't look like we work hard but we also don't look like we're talented offensively. We have no chemistry. Our powerplay could make someone physically ill.

I remain optimistic and faithful as I do every year, but I don't think this team is a favorite for anything. It seems like last year was the anomaly and our other recent seasons of being a 5-8 seed is more in line with the truth of where this team is. I was optimistic those years too. Getting in is enough; once you're in, any team can get hot. I can live with things this way. We're still good enough to get in and with a deadline deal or a couple of guys getting hot at the right time, we can still make noise and who knows how far we can go. I don't think we're a team to be feared though and I don't know what the source of the dysfunction is.

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