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Originally Posted by GretzNYR99 View Post
Why don't you ask Manny Ramirez how good Cabrera is. Believe me, he may be on the team because of injury, but he's played better defensively than any Yankee outfielder has this season so far with the exception of Johnny Damon.

You obviously don't watch the Yankees enough, or have a terrible bias against them.

Milledge might be the more complete player one day, but as of right now, he's right. Cabrera is that step ahead of Milledge right now. He would have been sent down, and a trade for Abreu or Burrell would have happened if he wasn't MLB caliber at this point.
First of all: yes, I am absolutely biased against the Yankees, infact I view the entire organization as the physical manifestation of lucifer.

and the point is less about whether Cabrera is major league caliber than that it's unfair to say he's better than the 'recently sent down milledge' when Cabrera's bounced up and down between the bigs and tripple A a few times and it's only now that he's stuck (and he was brought up because of injury, not because he beat down the doors.) This was Milledge's first call up, and while there where cerntainly gorwing pains, there where also several flashes of briliance and there's little doubt that he'll stick soon.

Cabrera is better than Milledge in the same way that Dom Moore is better than Brandon Dubinsky. He's a nice defensive player whose had more time to mature at the major league level, but no one in they're right mind would take Moore over Dubinsky or Cabrera over Milledge.

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