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02-05-2013, 08:56 PM
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Originally Posted by WTFetus View Post
And Chicago was horrible last season on the PK. Maybe Haviland really was the problem (and some people wanted DW to sign him).
Haviland may or may not have had some issues, but Kitchen ran the PK last year and is still doing it.

If you want my opinion (Hawks fan), I think the numbers are better because players have gotten better and Crawford is stopping the puck this year. Notable PKers who have improved have been Frolik and Kruger - they're actually really damn good at it. Great communication.

That said, they still play a passive box - a system which I can't stand. It never works in long stretches. So while the PK for the Hawks is clearly better this year (hard not to be), it's about 12-14 percent higher than it really should be. Maybe 10 percent. I might be a bit too critical.

Chicago's PP is absolutely brutal. Let your guys know it's perfectly okay to take some penalties, you're not going to get hurt as a result
PP started hot mainly because Kane was making some ridiculous plays. Something like 1 for 20 ever since. They can't even get into the zone on about half of them.

Hawks looked exhausted in their last game and were shellacked by Calgary but Emery stood on his head. They should have some more energy tonight. Unfortunately your Sharks are on the second night of a back-to-back... ah well. Wish Boyle and Burns were in, I want to see these two teams at full strength.

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