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12-16-2003, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Lanny MacDonald
Gee smart guy, seems my source was right on the money on the Anaheim deal. Too bad your GM is a vindictive moron who has spent more time screwing his team than helping it out. But hey, at least you get an extra pick out of the Philly deal, right? And have I ever stated that Button got a good return on Savard? No. Quite the contrary. But don't let those facts stand in the way of a good cry.

If the standard was what would have been a good return for a happy, signed, 30 goal scorer, then this obviously isn't a good return.

If the standard is what Briere or Marc Savard brought their teams, as some people have suggested, this is an excellent return.

If Lowe's "vindictive" ploy last week was the blunder some have suggested, it doesn't appear to have harmed the return anyway, since I don't think anybody can argue with a straight face that Woywitka + 1st + 3rd is significantly different from the Anaheim package.

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