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Originally Posted by Eddy Livingstone View Post
The service seems to fluctuate enormously indeed. On Saturday I watched a game while in the car on mobile internet with crisp, great quality. On Sunday at home on my iPad with a very fast cable connection I kept getting the infamous 'bandwith' message. When I switched to another game, things were working fine. But returning to the original game the bandwith-message reappeared.

After several weeks it seems like they still do not have their problems solved. Very irritating and unprofessional.
All I can advise is to pause a game that keeps buffering, or to rewind it a bit, and that should resolve the issues. Unless you're communicating with other fans online about the game in real time, does it matter if you're watching the game with a 1-minute delay? I don't think so.

I watched Kings @ Blue Jackets via Apple TV tonight, and the game kept buffering. So, I just rewound it 2 minutes backwards. The picture immediately got crystal-clear, and no more buffering for the rest of the game. I also appreciate that while the live broadcast is ongoing, you can rewind it all the way back to the beginning. Apple TV even shows you the real time (I mean the time of day/night in your city) to which you are rewinding the game.

This is the middle of the night in Europe. I woke up in the middle of the 2nd period. Apple TV gave me the option to start watching the game from the beginnng. I opted to jump into the game live, but even after the game was over, Apple TV still gave me the option to rewind the game all the way back to 1 a.m. (an hour past midnight), which was the game's starting time, so that I could also have watched the game's first half that I had missed, if I wanted to.

That's some great service. The only real issue I have with GCL this season are the insane, totally unjustifiable blackouts, but those can easily be avoided on a traditional computer, too (the free Stealthy plugin for Chrome/Firefox). Even with all these issues, getting a service like this for only $50 is a great deal.

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