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02-05-2013, 09:33 PM
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Who knows what is KHL´s plan? I have this vision of future.

Agree, KHL needs more teams "near" Khabarovsk. Definitelly. As I know, russian government has been investing into development of Far East (here in rus). I can imagine, that this part of Russia will be something like California for US. Who knows? Maybe I will not be alive these days

If Russia has plan to develop Far East, it make sense to have more teams here (+ Japan, etc).

As I see expansion of KHL. Objects:

1st - establish KHL as pan-european league, therefore Slovan, Lev, Germany, Italy etc (+ promote KHL in Asia, tv deals - now starting)

2nd - some way of competition with euro clubs/leagues which are not in KHL. Champions League or whatever (+ change of IIHF schedule)

3rd - get rid of weak russian clubs (Vityaz as exampel)

4th - Far East/Asian expansion

As you know, you can not make step 2nd before step 1st etc.

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