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02-05-2013, 09:35 PM
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+Elmer was borderline awesome tonight. Even the penalty he took wasn't too bad / probably saved a good scoring chance. But that play he had at the end of the 2nd period was excellent. Tracks down a guy on the rush, strips the puck from him and sends him into the boards in virtually one motion... back up ice and scores on the late man slapper. ****ing money.

He's so money he doesn't even know he's money. Elmer showed today why he should never be traded for people named Kuly, Stewart, Seto or [insert inconsistent or non-awesome wingarz here]. Even his intermission interview was awesome and my wife agrees he looks totally special ed / Elmer is the perfect name. She appreciates Letang's flow but Elmer still impressed her with his skillz and youthful demeanor.

+ PK for ensuring the score wasn't 8-3 Islanders.

+ Sid with nose plugs and throwing what's his name on his ass with one arm. Chippy Sid is back.

+ Manchuk had some nice shifts tonight. I still sense he trails Geno and Neal too close on zone entries but during the puck movement phase in the zone he seemed to have a nack for finding a good spot / causing some problems for the D. Keep skating hard and learning that system Manchuk! (And hit the weight pile... every day you're not practicing, do some squats and core exercises and drink some EAS after, so we can call you manchuk for real. Way too light on your skates.)

- Team Discipline sucked donkey balls most of the night. At points I thought we might be in for another turd-storm of a game.

- Refs were dog **** early. That call on Neal behind the goal was one of the worst ticky-tack calls I've seen in a while. Not only did he not cross-check the guy he didn't even hit him with his stick. He just shoved him with his glove with one hand. WTF. Stuff is being called way too close right now. Doesn't even feel like hockey at times. This is a contact sport... allow some damn incidental contact / a little chippyness.

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