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02-05-2013, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by jBuds View Post
It's a valid question I'm asking as well.

You'd be able to argue Hodgson's case if the net weren't empty, saying you wanted your first line out on the ice. But with a 6th attacker, it's a no-brainer that it should be someone who has a chance of winning a key draw. Ott at 50% this year is no guarantee to win the draw, but we know that A ) it's probably more likely he'll win it than Hodgson, and B ) Ott plays with tenacity, which is how to play at the dot after the puck is dropped.

If the puck is sitting on the dot after being dropped, we know Ott's going to get low, get leverage, and at least try to beast the puck somewhere. Hodgson, a finesse player, isn't going to get as dirty as Ott IMO.

Nobody on this team is a dot-specialist, we know that. And believe me: I'm not going to complain about coaching moves simply for the sake of complaining. But this one was obvious from the moment you saw the guys get set at the circle. Hodgson had no chance.

How do we not have someone brought in by now to keep our centers and a winger or two on the ice for an hour after practice to teach them the simple art of winning draws? Watch the hand of the ref, cheat until you're tossed (if you're even tossed), identify beforehand which teammate you want to try to draw the puck to, and leverage yourself into position. Mother****er, this is ****ing frustrating.
I totally agree with you. As soon as the whistle was blown after we almost scored and we had an offensive draw coming up I immediately watched to see if Ott would be coming onto the ice and he stayed on the bench. I saw the writing on the wall before the puck was ever dropped. Odds were totally in our favor that we'd lose that draw.

I agree on the Ott tenacity too. I think he has the desperation and willingness to sacrifice himself to try as hard as possible to win a faceoff in that sort of situation. And they don't put him out there. He's our best faceoff-man plain and simple.

Again, I love Hodgson and he was okay on the faceoffs tonight and improved over previous games earlier on this season but faceoffs are what he'll need to keep working on.

Still really wish we could have landed Konopka last summer. Our fourth line and faceoffs are both messes.

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