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Originally Posted by Bob ******** View Post
Ahhh! UFA Season in Montreral, the season of love and hate...

but mostly hate.

OK, let's go back to July 1st, 12:00AM. Here a list of who I was considering the best of the pack or at least the biggest name of the crop:

Zedno Chara
Patrick Elias
Jason Arnott
Jay McKee
Jamie Langenbrunner
Ed Jovanovski
Brendan Witt

Now take a look at the contract:
Chara --> 5 years/7.5 mils
Elias 7 years/6mils
Arnott 5 years/4.5 mils
McKee 4 years/4 mils
Langenbrunner 5 year/2.8 mils
Witt Undisclosed, but I will put it in the same range as McKee

And for the fun of it, let's just put Savard 4 years/5 mils also in the equation.

So, if I understand correctly must of the people on this board and on stupid radio show, Gainey is the worst GM of the century because of is inability to sign any of those guys correct?
Now, how do you think the Habs fans would have react if Gainey have sign any of the contract cited before?
Jeez, people where going nuts when we sign Koivu and Kovy at 4.5 mils each and I am sorry but those guys are twice the player Savard, McKee or Witt are!!! If Gainey were the one handing those contract people would have burn him in effigy on Ste-Catherine street... Elias is a great hockey player, but for God sake, 7 years??? 7.5 mils for Chara, who do nothing during the playoff for 5 years runnimg, oh Langenbrunner is a great 3rd line grinder, but 2.8 mils???

Habs fan are the worst type of bipolar people in the world:

- Gainey is not able to sign UFA by July 4th (4 days into the UFA market...) and he is the worst GM of the Habs history.

- Gainey sign any of the formention guys to the given contract and he is the worst GM of the Habs history.

- Gainey sign Kovalev a great hockey player who want to play for us at a reasonable contract and he is the worst GM of the habs history.

- Gainey resign our captain, the heart and soul of this moronics bunch and one of the best player on the team (I hope we at least remember how we play in the playoff after is departure?), AKA Saku Koivu for, yet again, a reasonable contract and gess what? YES SIR! He is the worst GM of the Habs history...

Forget it guys, Forsberg will not come play in Montreal for a free ticket at "Chez Pare", Sakic will not come here for our great poutine, Burke will not trade Pronger for Ribeiro and a draft pick and we will certainly not have the oportunity to trade Lecavalier for Ryder and 2 bags of pucks...
Get back on earth, player go where to money is, where their wife tell them to go and where they want to go.
Put that in your mind and stop complening, you sound like a bunch of baby crying for there sucker...

Out of those contracts, I'll take Arnott at 4.5M. Montreal does not have a solid second line centre on the roster and none in the farm system. We do have a lot of talent in wing and goalie. With this year's draft we add some depth in D. However there is still no solid line centre in the system. Arnott's contract is not out of range and he does add impact to this team. I agree there is no need for all the others as we have good prospects to do those jobs. Adding Shanahan helps in leadership and experience department.

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