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02-05-2013, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Sweech View Post
For the role they're playing (4th line). I'd pick Wright over Machacek. The added offense Machacek could bring is pretty redundant considering the minutes/linemates he'd receive. The defensive weaknesses would be magnified in that role and positional mistakes could be deadly.

That being said is Thorburn all that great defensively? I could see Machecek easily slotting in over Thorbs.
The fourth line has been completely useless in the offensive zone this year. The cannot even maintain a presence in the offensive zone. The best defense is a good offense, IMO. They cannot score when the puck is in their end (unless Vesa Toskala is in your net, but that's another story).

None of Wright, Slater, Thorburn have any offensive skill. All 3 are strong defensively, IMO. Adding a player like Machacek that can create some openings in the offensive zone, while still having Wright and Slater to be rocks in the D zone, will help that line out. I don't expect them to start scoring much, but maybe they can start taking the game to the opponent, rather than simply defending. And Machacek is no slouch defensively. He is not a Wright, but he is far from terrible, he is at least average (better than a Kane, Miettienen, etc).

Just think he would balance the line better and allow the line to start punishing the opponent and wearing them down in the offensive zone rather than being stuck in our own end defending.

I am also a fan of versatile rosters, in Machacek you have a guy who can step into other roles as well and succeed, rather than 4 guys who cannot play anything but 4th line purely defensive roles (Wright, Slater, Thorburn, Peluso).

EDIT: However, Machacek seems to be struggling badly in the AHL since training camp. I really think it is time for him to move onto another organization where he won't have the baggage that he has here. Would still like to find another piece for the 4th line that brings something more than defensive awareness and size. Maybe try to grab Mark Mancari or Luke Adam from Buffalo?

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