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Originally Posted by Royisgone View Post

Given the unique length of Ruff's tenure and his relationship with Regier, a decision to finally give him the ax is going to have to come straight from the top.

That means Pegula.

And what's with this "Regier has the roster in a decent position now" comment?

I see few pieces on this team that would be desired on a top Cup contender, like the Hawks or Bruins at the moment.

Sorry - Regier has the organization in decent position. Not the current roster, but when you look down the road, you see Armia, Grigorenko, Girgensons, McCabe, Pysyk, McNabb, Cat, plus the likes of Hodgson, Vanek, Foligno, Pominville, Myers, Sekera, and Ennis.

I hope to god that you didn't enter this season with aspirations of a Cup run. Unrealistic.

We've been set up to grow this team into what we've all wanted: balanced team with centers who can make an impact, dynamic wingers, and blueline depth.

When you look at my Dream '16 team, provided that the youth grows as they should, we're missing toughness on the back end. That's it. And we have time to address that issue, especially if we're looking at 2016 (or in that area) as the year we start to become legitimate.

Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
Most of what he does and says looks and sounds pretty good still. It's his infatuation with Ruff and Regier that's the issue. I think Ted Black's a smart enough guy that if asked in private with a guarantee that Terry would never know, he would say, "Sack that front office, ASAP." Unfortunately, when you make gazillions of dollars because a billionaire pays you, you tend to tell that owner what that owner wants to hear.
I don't think he's infatuated with them. He just didn't want to come in and immediately clean house - he wanted to see for himself what he had/didn't have. Hopefully he has done that.

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