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02-05-2013, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by The Nose View Post
I know there are a bunch of threads but I thought it would be nice one to be based solely on Mike Babcock.

I'm not sure what he's thinking this year. I'm not going to crucify him because its only 9 games in, but his decisions this year have left me thinking he's an average NHL coach at best. Here are the decisions I've mainly questioned:

1. Starting the season with Datsyuk and Zetterberg on the same line. It hasn't worked for 3 years, so why would it suddenly work now? Especially when it would leave you with Filppula as your second line center. Thankfully he realized it wasn't working.
And then he separated them, so they've played less of the season together than they were together.

What's your point?

2. Danny Cleary. I think its safe to say he is the worst player on the Wings roster, by a fair margin. But apparently Babcock thinks otherwise as he is skating over 16 minutes a night and playing both the PP and PK. I don't know what Babs loves about Cleary and its really gone too far.
It's a GM decision for starters, plus he's not in the top six. He's fine as a bottom six guy. What should one expect from the bottom six?

3. Jordan Tootoo. What else does the guy have to do to earn solid TOI? He's been the best bottom-six skater by a mile. Sure he hasn't scored yet but its tough when your playing with 4th line players and 4th line minutes. Tootoo is leaving it on the ice every night, something a lot of the other guys could learn.
Which is the job he was brought in to do. Maybe we should be happy there's a guy filling his role very well.

4. The Smith-Quincey pairing. Pretty much all I have to say. The fact he actually thought this would work before the season and has continually stuck with it leads me to believe he just doesn't give a ****.
You're kvetching about a pairing that was starting to solidify, and with Smith now out for the two last games? Can I ask you why you brought this up after THIS game?

Kronwall was -2, E -1, Huskins and Q were 0.

How long ago did you write this post?

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