Thread: Post-Game Talk: 10-13-1. "A bunch of donkeys on skates"
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02-05-2013, 11:20 PM
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Originally Posted by TheFountainhead View Post
I agree. He's shown zero capacity to put together a harmonious team with a recognizable, philosophical bent. Seriously, we've had so many disparate pieces over the years it's insane. Slow, puck possession forwards on the same line as speed, transition dependent forwards. Multiple stay at home defenseman in the same pairings, defensively inept puck movers playing together, fast players playing with slow players, slow players playing with somehow even slower players etc. We've tried to be a transition based team, we've tried to be a heavy forechecking team, we've tried to be a puck possession team, we've tried to be a heavily insulated and defensive team etc., all while making only cosmetic changes to the composition of the roster. We've been an inveterate mash of ill-fitting component pieces for the last decade or there about and it's the general managers' primary responsibility to set a club direction that permeates all levels of the organization that's clear and achievable. McPhee has failed miserably in that dept.

Many of McPhee's incremental moves have been individually good, but altogether he has created a giant mess. Of course, it didn't help that Leonsis apparently has very little understanding of hockey/sports, and that Ovechkin has for whatever reason wilted.

I don't even see a chance at improvement without wiping the slate clean.. I wish I could.. and who knows when that will happen. Somebody mentioned Calgary Flames.. we're not far from that territory. Although this short season might be so shockingly bad that we'll tank our way out of the "9th place team" twilight zone. But then what happens next season?

I don't know, it's effin terrible, really. Especially after watching the high-flying team of just a couple of years ago, it's really hard to watch many of the same guys play both individually and collectively like shadows of themselves.

Blow it up. I mean at this point, what else can one reasonably suggest as a path to get back to being a contender?

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