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02-06-2013, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
Before this thread disappears... I think we should remember who the naysayers were, all of which are suddenly silent, because they will be facing this situation by the end of the season :

I'm a naysayer because I suggested he sit for a game?
He was dragging his ass, I'd say that about any player that plays on the top 2 lines.
In my opinion I don't merit being on the naysayer list for the above quoted comments.
That being said I will likely merit my spot on the list for the comment below:

Desharnais SHOULD be dealt as soon as we get a deal equivalent or better than 2 extra-large pizzas and 2 buckets of pucks.
He's a small center by any standards in a league thats looking to get bigger at that position. He lacks the strength required and thus must play with not 1 but 2 power forwards to make up for his shortcomings. The more money he makes the more detractors he will have. Let's see how he does when asked to play with a bunch of scrubs or a revolving door of linemates. I just hope that Bergevin makes the right decision when the time comes and does not fold because he is the only flying frenchman on a team once known as the flying frenchmen. Now that brings me to the next point, he doesn't really fly does he? For a little guy he's kinda slow isn't he?

There you go, that ought to do it, I earned my spot. feel free to bump this thread at any time so we can reminisce.

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