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Originally Posted by StringerBell View Post
Go away? This is a Luongo thread. Maybe those who don't have interest in Luongo should be the ones who depart. You don't speak for the Leafs brass, nor do you speak for the entire fanbase. For the life of me I cannot grasp the impetus behind Leafs fans entering a Luongo thread and telling Canucks fans which teams they can and cannot speculate about.
Not go away from thread; go away from this fixation on Toronto. And again this isn't a Vancouver thread, so stop being so proprietary. If you want to speculate about Toronto as a destination, it's fair game for a Toronto fan to attempt to rain on that parade. You've got an opinion about it; well, I've got another.

Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
What if Kessel doesn't score in 15-20 games? And even if he does what do you think his production will end up being this year? Less then 10 goals? I bet Nonis is looking at the NTC that kicks in next year and thinking if he should move this guy now. He loves Luongo. Probably wont happen, but I really wouldn't be suprised if Nonis makes a move like this.
Okay, we are talking about the Leafs right now, and, god knows, never say never. Kessel could well be on the move at some point. But to move Kessel for Luongo is to move our best player and biggest asset (even with the slump). Which would mean that, with Kessel gone, Luongo is even less likely to do anything for the Leafs than possibly nudge them into the playoffs at the expense of continued mediocrity. Nonis may like Roberto, but he is a smart enough guy to figure that out. If Kessel goes, it will likely be for the traditional good player, top prospect, high draft pick combo. In other words, something that will help the team fill more holes over a longer period of time.

I respect Luongo. He just isn't a good fit with where the Leafs are right now in terms of team development. Plus, goal tending so far has been among the lesser worries this season. So if you want to devise a Luongo trade that doesn't involve Kessel, Kadri, Gardiner, Rielly, first round draft picks or second round draft picks, be my guest. That is what I think it would take to put Toronto realistically into play here. Failing that, Toronto is the wrong place at the wrong time.

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