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02-06-2013, 02:30 AM
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Originally Posted by tempest2i View Post
Penguins: Have MAF under contract, he's good enough for them to win, he's proven that.
Capitals: Already have a longterm contract on the books, know the dangers first hand.
Edmonton: No way this trade happens within the division.
Blackhawks: HAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha
Panthers: Possible trade destination, if they were interested I'm certain this trade would already have been completed
Leafs: Sure, if they can find something they're willing to part with of value to send back
Flyers: Already have that long term goalie signed until he retires, why would they need a second one?

Sure, I might be wrong here, I certainly have been wrong in the past. But this whole saga stinks like overblown media garbage to me.

I have opinions, like everyone else around here, and I think we both know mine are not "oh man Luongo is going to return a HUGE haul".

There's very little motive for the Canucks to move him right now unless some team gets pressured from ownership to paid out the nose for Luongo. I think that part is pretty clear by now. But we all know something will have to happen before the start of next season. I expect Luongo to be moved during the off season. I also expect him to be moved for something that the talking heads at TSN will label "underwhelming" or "less than expected".

It's not outside the realm of possibility that the return is "less than expected". But then everyone is careful not to define what is expected. So it's easier to make such a claim.

More or less, I agree with your general take, but not your evaluations of the prospective teams.

For Washington: If they miss the playoffs, I'm not sure McPhee is there to make any call whatsoever. They are the complete wildcard here. Two young goaltenders and their management is in a precarious position. Who knows what they are like in the offseason.

Panthers: The only thing blocking the trade here, IMO, is money. FLA is a budget team and needs to send money back, which Gillis doesn't want to do. These guys are still there IMO, waiting.

Flyers: If Bryz falls apart in the playoffs again, buy out. They have the means as one of the richest teams in the league. Holmgren did enquire about Luongo as well. Wait and see for them.

Chicago: I agree.

Toronto: I think they're out. They can't give up enough to get him, and they are more rebuilding than playoff bound. A bubble team that won't go all in on Luongo.

Edmonton: Don't discount these guys. If all avenues are closed, Gillis will take the poison pill and send Luongo here. He needs the situation resolved and they reportedly have been there every step of the way.

Columbus: I still think these guys have a great chance at landing Luongo. This year is about respectability for them, and they are playing a hard brand of hockey. If it came down to just getting a starter's role anywhere, or staying in VAN, I have to believe Luongo would waive for CLB. At that point, it's just about getting a starters gig to any team.

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