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Originally Posted by Heyoooo View Post

Gaborik is the reason we're 4-5, and not 2-7. Hes given us two wins out of 4 total.

2 GWG thus far.

I didnt know it was still 2009-10, and Gaborik was the only gamebreaker on the team, thus relying on him every damn game.

I didnt know Richards or Nash werent here to help out with goals.

Thats interesting.

For all the boasting about Nash, he has yet to impress me. His great two-way play and physicality isnt doing much in the standings is it? No. His goals do though. All two of them. You know, what he was brought here to do.

Also, I can see why "should use his teammates more" is under flaw in his scouting report. He likes to hold onto the puck a bit too much. Puck hog? You bet. And dont give me the 5 assists BS, because those were largely situations where he HAD to pass the puck, otherwise he wouldve gotten chewed by everyone.

The anti-Euro/pro-NA bias here is astounding. Look no further than this board per Gaborik/Nash.
I don't care if the player comes from the Moon and I think most fans here feel the same. Funny thing is that, I never think where the player is from when watching the game of hockey. Who cares ?

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