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02-06-2013, 03:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
To be honest, i think i'm the one being reasonable. 10 games is nothing - performance in such periods can be jumping up an down.

a Regin note. Da Costa on the 4th line and Regin centering the 3rd. Maybe he's not a wreck after all. Plus he has an assist.
Originally Posted by dklap3 View Post
Now 2 assists for Regin tonight, the second one was pure beauty. Guess he's not quite ready for Novokuznetsk, Khanty-Mansiysk or Khabarovsk yet.

EDIT: And now also a Nielsen assist.
Originally Posted by Tobias View Post

"Peter Regin vs the Sabres"
Tobias, I meant reasonable towards us.. Not reasonable about how we view hockey. Ofcourse you will think you are the reasonable one, when you dont agree.

But guys, there is no reason to be smug and sarcastic about it. I think you two guys are taking it a bit too far..

As I said I will happily eat crow if Regin continues what he did yesterday No problem at all.

Second I think you are purposely ignoring what I am saying, the only player were I and others are on the fence in regards to his NHL future is Regin.

Ellers is a concern because of the situation he is in, and not what he is capable of!

you failed to answer to anything but the part about, my asking you to be reasonable..

And I don't consider your subjectivity and attitude to be reasonable.

No harm ment, but I am sensing a negative attitude from you and not just a different opinion.

Also you guys keep saying that 10 games aint enough, yet you seem to use his one succes game yesterday as benchmark for your argument.

Lastly, as I have already stated, we are not out to be reasonable, we are trying to take the temp after each round, and thus much of the time their performance will be judged on what they have done so far, and not what they can still do!

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