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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Am I? In the last few years how many wingers have we tried with Koivu? How many have stuck?

Gaborik didn't work well with Koivu (remember, we were always struggling to find that other center including throwing Demitra at center). Rolston. Havlat. Bouchard. Setoguchi. Lats. They have never stuck.

In the past 5 years; Heatley, Brunette and Mitts have been the only stable wingers that Koivu has had. We've tried everyone and everything with Koivu and his play style. It hasn't worked.

Koivu is a notoriously picky center that we've tried a variety of wingers to work with and only a few have worked with him.

It isn't every other single player. Teams juggle lines all the time. We try it and everything gets out of whack.
Yes, you're still exaggerating.

I'm not going to comment on all the players you mentioned because I don't remember enough of all of them to comment. But I don't think Bouchard worked that badly with Koivu and it's still an option. Maybe not the ideal solution, but still viable even now. Not a failure.

Seto's had ONE 30-goal season in SJ back in 08-09 and for the last three seasons his goal totals have been 22 (SJ), 20 (SJ) and 19 (MIN). It's not like he did all that much better there as of late. His potential is a 20-goal scorer, but right now it's much less than that and he hasn't played with Koivu. Not a failure.

If it was really about him as much as you think, then how come they've almost always been able to find him suitable wingers on the national team with very little trouble? Take into account that the selection in wingers is a lot bigger in the NHL than what the national team has to offer. There have been very few failed winger experiments involving Mikko over the years and the ones that haven't worked with him haven't usually worked any better with anyone else either for that matter. How do you explain that?

As far as I can see, Koivu or his alleged pickyness (which I still think is nothing out of the ordinary) is not a core issue on this team. But you did bring up one of the biggest issues that has been there for a long time and still is present: the lack of a good 2nd line center. That is an extremely crucial spot if a team wants to be successful, but when has this team actually had decent #1 and #2 centers at the same time?

Cullen does not cut it, neither does Granlund (at least for now) and I'm not particularly fond of trying Coyle or Larsson there at this point. The big question people should be asking is why this team has no decent 2nd line center rather than focusing on irrelevancies or pointing fingers at one of our best players.

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