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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
I see where you are coming from and I was kind of joking about the trade, but there is something interesting happening right now with the Leafs. They are in a playoff spot even without Kessel scoring. So you ask what is your point? Well I don't think Luongo would nudge them into a playoff spot I think the Leafs might do that without him, but rather push them into a 4-7 range. I've watched most of the Leafs games this year and Carlyle has them playing pretty decent defence. This is the biggest difference I have noticed over last year, and by no means is it perfect but there is no doubt a big improvement. Yes Reimer's numbers are decent, but as I mentioned I think this is a benefit of better overall team defence. Anyways you said make a package without including the above listed players, I am assuming you meant to include JVR in that list?




There's a package that does not include any of your listed pieces, or JVR because as I said I assumed you forgot him on the list.
I did indeed forget JVR, and I thank you for realizing that. I find your trade proposal a refreshing one because it does seem to me a reasonable offer. However, I would still give it a definite "no." Why? It is too early to tell, but all of a sudden the Komarov/Kadri/Frattin line is looking like an offensive line of the future, a big bonus most of us weren't expecting. Maybe, anyway; it's way too soon to tell, but in Leaf land you take your hope where you can find it. So, I can't see Leafs management risking trading Frattin if he continues to pot goals and click with Nazem.

There may or may not be something happening with the Leafs. They have a habit of looking good for awhile and then just completely falling apart. Overall team defense, especially, fades in and out like the tide. As one of your Canuck posters pointed out on another thread, the Leafs likely have the capacity to get better but still not be good enough to win a championship. I agree with that entirely. Hopefully, we show patience, work with the promising players that we have now (which would include Kulemin), and build through the draft. Just as we weren't a Kessel away from anything when we got Phil, we aren't a Luongo away from anything now.

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