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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
I think so
I'll take it a step further.

If Tortorella is un willing to make THAT move, then I am starting to feel that maybe HE (Torts) should go as well.

You can't know that there is a problem here and be so beligerant in your loyalties to a person that change is not made for the betterment of the team.

If Torts is not willing to make that change, then Sather has to take that decision out of his hands and remove them both.

The lack of a functioning PP and an overall missing offensive scheme since he's been here have been appaling. The fact that we have addressed the players portion of that problem leads me to one reason it's still not fixed...Coaching.

I like what Torts has done accountability wise and what he has done to instill a sense of commitment to getting the job done defensively, but without a clue on what to do in the offensive zone I fear that he has a major hole in his style and it's hurting the teams chances at winning.

Either get rid of Sully, or bring in a PP consultant. Failure to do one of the two, in my opinion, is grounds for removal.

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