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02-06-2013, 06:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
First let me be clear that coming out with a negative attitude certainly wasn't my intention. I was simply just trying to present some game facts.

I don't really see what there is to answer? I'm just saying that I think 10 games is too little time to talk about trades or change of league. That's all.

Using the game yesterday was sarcasm. But it still proves that he still has it, plus I think he's played more than 1 good game this season.

Actually I'm just trying to bring some positivity around the Danish players, by looking at the bigger picture
Ok - well then thats fine It can be hard to read into expressions when not presented with a face

Ofcourse looking at the big picture, 10 games isn't allot, but Regin has been injury prone before this and hasen't really excelled yet.

Hence me thinking he is on short leash..

As for Eller he does have a career future in the NHL, im just not sure it's with Montreal.

Im in no way concerned about Larsen though.

Well positivity is nice, most of the time im just setting mysellf up for dissapointment, its easier to handle then setting myself up for the opposite

And ofcourse Regin has tonnes of potential, as we saw yesterday! His size, physicality and with him being injury prone is what is making me thinking what I am

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