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Originally Posted by NHL Fanatic View Post
You have to remember Burnside is still a rookie. Not many players come in and play lst line, 1st PK and PP in their rookie year. James was playing him too much minutes IMO and its starting to have its effects. He needs to get stronger over the summer so he can be more effective in the offensive zone.

Bourne has a bright future. I feel that his skating is the only thing that is holding him back.

Martin has played alright. His potential is there. My one question for him is if he may need surgery at the end of the year. If so he's battling hard and still not letting that affect his game which is good on him. Broken record but his rebound control is not there yet. Inconsistency is common in young goaltenders but his future is bright.

MacIntyre has played very well as of late, very good speed and playing smart. He needs to get a little stronger to help with his defensive play but overall he's been solid the last couple weeks.

Really like how Smoskowitz, Brace line were playing at the beginning of the year, but now if feels as if Smosk is trying to hard to score. Teams are reading him so easily because he would come down along the wing and cut across the middle flicking the puck to himself. If this line wants to be as effective as they were earlier on in the year they need to move the puck and they haven't been.

A bit of a broken record but this team has no secondary scoring and other guys need to step up. Smoskowitz is being a little selfish but you can't blame him he scores most of this team's goals.

Sometimes I feel bad for James because he doesn't have the talent pool other teams do. He tries shuffling lines and nothing seems to work, the scouts need to help him recoup talent in this years draft and the future ones.
I felt for Boyd at one time, but trade deadline came and he sat still, both as a coach and a GM. He doesn't have the talent and what they do have they are still losing with. Wouldn't have made any difference at all to trade off a couple of is key guys in order to set up for next year. Would have helped to at least bring in something new and fresh, even if it was just to make a change. Sometimes those little changes, make the difference to the dynamic of a group?

As for his attempt at changing up lines. IMO he keeps trying to take a round hole and put every other shape into it, other than the round peg. IMO he's mixing the wrong guys together and not giving ice time based on who is deserving of it at the time. Hottot is a perfect example. That guys deserves less than nothing for ice time, especially when you see the effort he puts out there. That was a huge mistake on Boyd's part bringing him in.

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