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02-06-2013, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by 8th Rounder View Post
One can soundly argue that the Bruins are the most hated team and by association fanbase in the NHL. The 3 biggest fanbases in Canada and probably all of hockey hate the Bruins:

Toronto: trades, hate the Bruins because they didn't need Kessel to win the cup and dominate the Leafs and the division.

Montreal: innate, Maxpac incident though it seems to have blown over.

Vancouver: crushed their dream, say the Bruins are dirty, not truly that good won by being bullies, Canucks were injured.

-to round out Canada, the Sens don't seem to mind us and Calgary/Edmonton teams even developed a soft spot as they hate the Canucks and were happy the Bruins beat them. But still the biggest 3 hate the Bruins and their fanbase so the Bruins probably are the most hated these days, at least in Canada.

And as a Bruins fan I am not compaining. It's the nature of sports is people hate their rivals. I have always hated the Leafs for example. I think it is nice that the Bruins are so relevant. For years they were a non descript, irrelevant team that you could only get excited about if you were a Bruins fan. I have friends that are Canucks fans and they never remotely cared about the Bruins before the cup win and probably couldn't have named more than 5 of their players. Now they despise them but know quite a bit about the team. Not that long ago the Bruins were pretty irrelevant in their own city. If teams and fanbases hate them then they are doing something right and having some real success and it is nice.

Anyway, it kind of an obvious thread but was curious what other people thought about this.
I'll go on record as saying that the senators fans on here are pretty ****ing cool when it comes to the head to head games. I remember last year when mcquaid stuck his knee out (i forgot who he did it too) and it was on the main board as "dirty hit" 99% of the sens fans we're like "nope" the habs, some leafs fans, most of the nucks fans we're saying that it "classless". It was probabley one of the more funnier threads on this board i've seen.

Originally Posted by Ratty View Post
Boston sports fans in general have a reputation of being rude and arrogant when visiting other cities for events.

In another thread about Yandle and the Phoenix franchise the poster mentioned how unruly and unsportsmanlike the Bruins fans were at the Job ing Arena in the last two years.

Western and Midwesterners tend to be more civil and respectful as I observed from games in Denver, Chicago, San Diego while attending Bruins, Red Sox and Patriots games there. I guess it's a cultural thing, something we Easterners have to work on.
I say to friends from out of state.. the worst thing ever was boston teams winning championships. We're loud and rude on a normal day. Now give us some championships, we're insufferable

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