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Originally Posted by Numbers View Post
I see where you are coming from and I was kind of joking about the trade, but there is something interesting happening right now with the Leafs. They are in a playoff spot even without Kessel scoring. So you ask what is your point? Well I don't think Luongo would nudge them into a playoff spot I think the Leafs might do that without him, but rather push them into a 4-7 range. I've watched most of the Leafs games this year and Carlyle has them playing pretty decent defence. This is the biggest difference I have noticed over last year, and by no means is it perfect but there is no doubt a big improvement. Yes Reimer's numbers are decent, but as I mentioned I think this is a benefit of better overall team defence. Anyways you said make a package without including the above listed players, I am assuming you meant to include JVR in that list?




There's a package that does not include any of your listed pieces, or JVR because as I said I assumed you forgot him on the list.
What is the end game in bringing RL to TO?

Just making the playoffs?

You think the leafs could turn into cup contenders in the 5 ish great years he has left?

And within that 5 ish years , how many of those years are we true contenders?.

Sorry but Lou does not fit into our teams progression timeline.

Now if you want to talk Schnieder, thats a tender that fits in our teams progression line.

We are not junkies, we don't need a quick fix PO hit, we have arguably the most patient , forgiving fans base in the league and our new ownership understands this.

This is not the teachers pension fund where all they saw was the bottom line.

Sorry but our quick fix junkies are gone TPF and Burkie.

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