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02-06-2013, 07:21 AM
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Originally Posted by ARCTICCAT24 View Post
Bingo. This team is boring to watch even with Tootoo in the line up. All you guys want these small Euros who don't do ****. We need more guys who play with energy and stand out, like Tootoo. We don't need anymore of these types of players. It gets old real quick. The passive, no hitting style isn't what people want to see anymore. And skill doesn't win you cups anymore. Why do you think the 90's Wings were so dominant? Because they had a combination of skill and toughness. We need another Shannahan. Too bad we keep drafting these small Euros, and say the same ********, "small but skilled". Why can't they be "big, tough, and skilled"?
I'm not sure what game you watched but I usually see plenty of hits.

But you're only happy if they're dropping the glove every couple of minutes, right?

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