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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The point is that DD only got 8 more points than Plekanec in spite of being in a vastly and comprehensively superior situation:

- Plekanec was up against a Corsi Rel Qoc of +0.905, DD was up against +0.007.
- Plekanec played with Staubitz, White, Moen, Darche; whereas DD played with Cole and Pacioretty.
- Plekanec had even-strength 308 offensive zone starts, whereas DD had 347 even-strength offensive zone starts, a massive 13% difference.
- Plekanec played 16 fewer minutes on the PP and 17 fewer minutes on ES.

In spite of all these advantages, some of which are massive, DD only had 8 more points, and 1 fewer goals. Ergo, it is clear that Plekanec is the superior offensive player. He's also superior defensively. Galchenyuk will soon be superior offensively. Where does that leave DD?

As some place else than a top-6 center. He could be, for example, a top-6 winger who becomes a top-6 center when there's an injury, that would be quite fine.
I agree that Plekanec is better at both ends of the rink, however I don't see a rush to move DD. Playing Galchenyuk top 6 minutes right now would be a mistake. A lot of cup winners have more than 3 centers playing top 9 minutes...Pittsburgh LA Detroit Boston. I don't see the need to move any of the 4 as one can always play wing, plus injuries will always happen. If Carolina was to offer Gleason for Dd or Eller then maybe you reconsider.

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