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02-06-2013, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
It's the proration that frustrates me. Last season he was injury prone, he's TINY and he's been essentially invisible this year. 46pts in 80 games before last season ~0.5ppg. 15 points -7 last season (8g in 31 is 21 g/82gm btw) ~0.5ppg. This season 2g2a, ~0.5ppg.

He's a 0.5ppg, non-physical player and I'm really not impressed with him this season and I never liked his fit with the Habs or his contract. He's a Jacques Martin dump-and-change player and I guess he reminds of the darktimes.

I guess I want him to play better, to finish some more plays and make some - Pleks has a pretty simple game and I don't see them working well together unless Gionta makes some more plays and quits losing the puck mid-zone. 0.5ppg is not good enough.
You are way too harsh. Everyone knows Gionta is overpaid and I don't see how you can blame someone for being small. Not much he can do about that.
I disagree about him not being physical. He's tiny as you said, it's not like he can knock down Chara. However, he never shies away, and goes in the tough zones. He's an aggressive forechecker, like Gallagher.

He hasn't been amazing so far, but he hasn't been bad either. You're not being very fair in your evaluation.

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