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02-06-2013, 08:16 AM
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Him and Rose should both be in. Jackson's dead, but in Rose's case why can't you put him in yet still "ban" him from everything else? He bet as a manager not a player.

These greats need to be acknowledge and so do the greats of the "Steroid-era" but everyone's on their high horse and want to be the moral police. I think they wanna keep Bonds and co. out more because "they cheated the game" than whether or not their stats were inflated.

Players have been looking for a competitive edge for ever. Greats still stood out and scrubs were still scrubs.

Back on the topic of Shoeless Joe:

I've never done much research on the Black Sox other than watching Eight Men Out, but if you're to believe that, Jackson was involved, but at the same time he really wasn't. Either way he hit .375 in that series, those aren't the numbers of a guy who was throwing it.

He should be in for sure.

Everyone wants to call the HoF "Baseball Heaven." No it's not baseball heaven, it's a history museum to honor, acknowledge and showcase the greats of the game. Not everyone in their is a ****in saint, like some would have you believe. Ty Cobb, for example, was of the biggest dbags around. And a lot of other players elected took greenies, amphetamines, etc.

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