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02-06-2013, 09:24 AM
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The Rangers PP is predictable. That is all there is to it.

It was predictable with Jagr as the focus. And having Gabby and now Nash as the focus has not changed a thing and it became crystal clear in last nights game when the Staal/Kreider/Miller PP combo had the best scoring opportunity on that tic tac toe play that had every Devil defender spinning on their heels.

This notion that the PP has to run through one person, the most skilled guy, is too readable.

The predicatbility:

-increases poke through PK breakaways
-causes too few shots where reason suggests dirty goals are just as vital as the skilled ones
-enables defences to keep us on the perimiter and double team the focal point of a set play. (Nash, Gaborki, Jagr)
-helps the goalie cut his angles down, chose his prefered positioning, and dictate where he wants us to shoot the puck on net with decoy openings.

Combine all that and NHL PK units will eat our PP for lunch. Predictability put's the opposing PK in control of our PP, not our players who are running it. It cut's down the already slim NHL scoring percentages.

I'm not saying "set plays" are not nessesary. The Greztky blue line curl to a streaking Leetch was brilliant.... till teams caught on. It's no different in Basketball with constant iso plays. The "set plays" become 100% more effective and utilze top talent when they are not relied on 100% of the time. There has to be consistant chaos, or percieved chaos, with "set skilled playes" peppered in.

I would like to think NHL coaches would get that but apparently the tenured history of our PP going back over a decade now didctates that it must not be that easy of a concept to grasp bcause frankly these players are smart and skilled but ultimatly have to play to the plans the coach gives them. The NHL isn't club hockey. There is a chain of command and either the players shrug it off in the locker room and sodlier on as they are told...or they stop listening to the coach, mutainy, and then his arse is put to the coals.

(which makes me think now, was Sully the assistant in TB when Tort's was let go there too? It would be a shame if Torts was let go twice because of his loyalty to his friend when it seams the rest of the teams functions are fine. The players in TB quit on the coaching staff then which lead to Torts being fired but the majority of the team post-firing all said the loved having him as a coach so...maybe it wasn't Torts then either?)

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