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02-06-2013, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by IceDaddy View Post
yup, he will pick his battles, like a boxing champ clearly ducking the #1 contender.
This will shock everyone... your premise is wrong. Chara is NOT a boxing champ, nor is he a "fighter" or "enforcer". So your entire argument fails right out of the gate. Scott and Chara have no such history, and are not combatants of similar nature. Chara is not a good fighter (at least on skates), but I think that if he can keep his balance, he would destroy Scott. Yes, that is correct, destroy him. Scotts punches are short and choppy. That is why he could not really do too much against Orr, who has freakishly long arms (and power/skill/toughness). If you can hold Scott away, which Chara has the size and strength to do, but still hit him, it's over. Orr took him down, so did Parros. The formula is not magic, it's physics more than anything as both Chara and Scott are very big, very strong, and tough.

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