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02-06-2013, 08:32 AM
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Originally Posted by robert terwilliger View Post
i hope danny valencia is thrown out of the league. enough is ****ing enough! we've sat idly by for too ******* long to have guys like rodriguez and braun and valencia make a mockery of our national pastime. i for one hope they slap valencia with a lengthy suspension and seriously think about whether or not pieces of **** like him are allowed back in the league.

drop dead danny valencia. i know you took ped's, even though there's no evidence besides you appearing on a list at a shady clinic, i don't need things like proof. just look at that stat line. we all know that ped's are the only thing that could make a player do this: .188/.199/.299. un****ingbelievable. the gall, the nerve, the absolute ****ing nerve of valencia to make a mockery of baseball, knowing full well that kids look up to him and that he's a former all-star and now someone has to explain to their children that their hero danny valencia was on some kind of drugs. those kids are probably going to grow up to be strippers or car salesmen or, god forbid, lawyers.

this is a dark day for baseball.

"you let me down, man. now i don't believe in nothing no more. i'm going to law school."
Stop it dude, we all know without steroids Valencia woulda hit .088/.099/.199. with 0 HR

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