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Originally Posted by Number8 View Post

CJ: You are the Captain of this team, a Norris Trophy winner, and log 20+ minutes a game. Why in the hell did you decide to fight that plug? We need you on the ice.

ZC: But Coach, some of the guys on HF Boards think I don't have the guts to fight him.

CJ: Last year you were voted the second toughest player in the League, BY YOUR PEERS!

ZC: Yeah but Coach, the guys on HF Boards.......

By the way, as an aside, I think your avatar would look better if you incorporated 1993 into it somehow. Make for a nice 20th anniversary motif.
Originally Posted by Smash88 View Post
LOL.. Chara has absolutely nothing, and I mean nothing to prove to John Scott..
Originally Posted by The Kid View Post
This will shock everyone... your premise is wrong. Chara is NOT a boxing champ, nor is he a "fighter" or "enforcer". So your entire argument fails right out of the gate. Scott and Chara have no such history, and are not combatants of similar nature. Chara is not a good fighter (at least on skates), but I think that if he can keep his balance, he would destroy Scott. Yes, that is correct, destroy him. Scotts punches are short and choppy. That is why he could not really do too much against Orr, who has freakishly long arms (and power/skill/toughness). If you can hold Scott away, which Chara has the size and strength to do, but still hit him, it's over. Orr took him down, so did Parros. The formula is not magic, it's physics more than anything as both Chara and Scott are very big, very strong, and tough.

Its not about proving anything to anyone. I just notice that Chara has had no problem smashing guys who are no where near his size. Now a guy comes along who is his size and it would be nice to see the fight.

Who knows who would win but it would be fun to see.

Also to the guy who said he is tooimportant to the bruins to fight, how come no one says that stuff when he smashes a smaller guy?? If he fought Prust tonight and gave him a good smashing, every boston fan would love it and laugh about it. NOT ONE would say he was wrong to fight and should have stayed on the ice.

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