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02-06-2013, 09:46 AM
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I definitely don't think the Bruins have the most hated fanbase.

Leafs - First, the perception is that the rest of Canada hates Toronto. They're probably just jealous becuase it's the best city in Canada :-P I kid, I kid. I believe for the longest time the Leafs fans were probably the most hated because they feel that they are the centre of the universe. They believe every high-profiled free agent or coach wants to go there and every year is (was) their year. Living in TO, I know that attitude has died down a bit during this decade but I'm sure it'll start up again eventually.

Habs - Habs fans are like the snarky rich guy in every bad 80s movie. You know, they guy everybody hates. That's pretty much a summary of how I believe they are viewed.

Canucks - I think the riots gave them a really bad name. Aside from that, the arrogance they displayed going into the cup finals really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Flyers - I think we all know their reputation. Also think they are percieved in a worse light than Bruins fans.

Overall, I think any fanbase that believes it's god's gift to a sport is the most hated. That may stay constant througout the years (Habs) or fluctuate with success (Canucks).


Aside from traditional rivals, I can see why casual fans may hate the Bruins. They have Chara - Nobody cheers for Goliath, and Marchand - agitator that's easy to hate. On top of that, teams may not like how the Bruins "bully" their way to wins. This is pure perception and, partially, media hype. True North American hockey fans should, in theory, love the Bruins. Ask any Canadian (I'm sure it's the same in the US) what makes a perfect hockey team and they will tell you that you need to have good goaltending, a solid defence, the ability to roll four lines, grit, team toughness, somebody who can throw down, and a nice mixture of size, skill, and speed. Umm....does that not sound like the Bruins? Like I said, I can probably see why the casual fan may dislike the Bruins. Knowledgable fans don't have to like the Bruins, I mean, you have to consider rivalries and the fact that many people cheer for the underdog but, they should at least respect what the Bruins bring and acknowledge the fact that they follow a perfect model on how to build a team.

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