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02-06-2013, 08:55 AM
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Look, we all know how fast things can turn around. LA underachieved last year, barely made the playoffs and won the Cup.

Not saying that will happen here but it just shows that you can never know or tell what will happen.

The one thing that makes me optimistic (sort of) is Hank. We all know that at some point in every year he goes through a stretch, lasting about a month, when his play is just OK. Not bad, but not great....where he doesn't win us some games by himself. Hopefully he is going through that stretch now. I've never been able to figure out why he comes out of those stretches, though I think its more mental and psychological that technical, but one day he just does. If he gets hot, we become a better team, simple as that. He's not getting much help from his D or down low coverage from his forwards now and that doesn't help, but when he's hot, he overcomes even that.

The powerplay has to get better. It can't get any worse. Statistically and just by the odds, they should get some goals soon no matter how bad they are.

I've been a fan for over 50 years and to this day, I don't understand powerplays. I don't think anyone does. I don't think you can practice it. I don't think you can analyze it. It just is...or isn't. A few years ago, someone on XM (Melrose? Potvin?) said a powerplay is like falling in or out of love. You don't understand why it happens, it just does.

Think of all the things the Rangers have done to help the PP over the last few years:

We need someone to play the point so we bring in Redden: doesn't work
We bring in clutch player who can score garbage goals around the net in Drury: doesn't work.
We bring in a pure goal scorer in Gaborik: doesn't work.
We bring is a slick passer to play the point in Richards: doesn't work.
We bring in a big body power forward to score from in close in Nash: hasn't worked.

Sometimes I think its simple, stop being stationary, move around and into open areas, play with as much energy on the PP as you sometimes do in other areas of the game instead of standing around trying to make the perfect pass or play (which drains energy and causes frustration), pass the puck crisply and quickly to make the opposition move and create open space to exploit.......but if it was so simple why are we struggling? And its not just us....biggest complaint I hear on XM from fans is their team's powerplay. If we had potted one or more in the first period last night, the whole feel of the game would have been different.

That was a pathetic performance last night (is pathetic on the same level as the pitiful I used after the game against the Pens last week....don't know).

Though I'm not ready to panic yet and, as I said, anything can happen, with a 48 game schedule it can get late early.

I'm not a Torts fan but I don't think you can blame him. He didn't go from a guy who almost won coach of the year to a loser overnight. Onus is on the players who are underperforming. Who is playing as well as we thought they can? Who is doing more than we thought they can? Nobody.

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