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Originally Posted by Tobias View Post
First let me be clear that coming out with a negative attitude certainly wasn't my intention. I was simply just trying to present some game facts.

I don't really see what there is to answer? I'm just saying that I think 10 games is too little time to talk about trades or change of league. That's all.

Using the game yesterday was sarcasm. But it still proves that he still has it, plus I think he's played more than 1 good game this season.

Actually I'm just trying to bring some positivity around the Danish players, by looking at the bigger picture
Absolutely fair enough you are quite right there. But often they don't have that patience in the clubs and Regin have had a very long leash from Ottawa in spite of his injury.
I think Regin is a very good player. Especially his drive with puck possession over blue line with speed is quite special. It's absolutely not Regin as a player I'm negative about, but his long-term career with his shoulder-problems.
His situation in Ottawa is a bit problematic since they have quite a lot of possible center players that Regin competes with directly.
The team probably have him as a "floater" (no fixed position) since they have a teambuilding plan without him (since with his shoulder problems he is not in the picture). That means that unless he can stay as much of this season out in Ottawa without injury (and produce when he is shuffled around) he will probably not get another contract.
Eller seems to have been caught in the same floating net - with Galchenyuk coming he suddenly lost his "secure" center spot...and he has had a lot of wing problems earlier in NHL. So what then - he is shuffled around like Regin.
Also pointing to the teambuilding plan doesn't really include him.
That's pretty bad since Eller actually has taken his chance in the 1'st line when he got it, and still he is shuffled (even a lot of Montreal fans finds that pretty weird).
Why Larsen is scratched is probably Dallas internal politics......hopefully it will not continue but again that is not based on bad play either (only bad thing for Larsen it that he could be a penalty scapegoat - has been to many so far).

So it's not so much their play or skill but their actual performance on a team/coach that have semi-sidelined them already. That means unless they perform when they get their chances they could be doghoused faster than usual. For Eller it went very fast, took some time for Larsen, and have not happened to Regin yet but it was close (if it hadn't been Daugavins, it would have been him scratched based on playing performance):

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