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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
I have a generally optimistic opinion of the Phils more often than not. The way they played in the second half toward the end of the season had to inspire a bit of hope in you, no?
Our offense might bounce back a bit (at least in terms of SLG, our OBP is going to be crazy bad regardless, though).

Our bullpen is going to be great, no doubt.

If Roy bounces back our rotation is (again) one of the best in the league (I've always defended KK as a 4/5 and Lannan was the only signing I liked this offseason).

But our defense? There is a better than odds chance that we are going to be putting 4 DH candidates onto the diamond every single half inning... Young at 3B, Young in RF, Ruff in LF and Howard at 1B... I wouldn't be surprised if our team BABIP pushes .350 - maybe even worse. We also have a 2B with shaky knees, A GG C suspended for 50 games, a GG SS approaching the wrong end of the 30s (though he is still BY FAR the smallest question mark in the field) and a CF that played last season in RF and, by all accounts, would throw harder if he had his arm surgically replaced with a wet noodle.

So that great pitching staff you put together? You COMPLETELY waste them with no defense behind. A 50 point increase in BABIP is going to bloat their WHIPs probably 15-20 points a piece which could potentially bloat their ERAs upwards of 1 whole point apiece. That is an entire extra run every single game that our offense (which is going to live and die by the solo HR, btw, since noone is capable of getting on base at a respectable clip [except a fully healthy Utley])" is going to need to make up.

You'll have to forgive me for being... what did you call it? Pessimistic?

Here is some optimism for you. I am optimistic that the Phillies brass will finally axe Manuel and Amaro after the ****-show that the upcoming season is surely going to be. And that is the best thing for the franchise moving forward, bar none.

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