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Jersey Numbers & Making them More Meaningful

I was thinking about this the other day since we technically don't have any number retired yet. I personally think it would be kinda cool to set aside numbers that are only for the key players for us long term. I believe back in the day that the Yankees did this too as they had Ruth with #3, then Gehrig with #4, DiMaggio was #5, Mantle was #7, Yogi Berra was #8, Marris was #9, Rizzuto was #10, and Whitey Ford was #15. All those guys' numbers are retired (one number in that group is #2 and is currently Derek Jeter who's number will be retired eventually).

I can see a pattern that we have currently and think we should keep it going. First thing I'd like to see is Shore change his number back to #15 like he wore in Denver. So far we have it going like this: Weiss is #9, Huberdeau is #11, and Fleischmann is #14. So here's the first 25 numbers and who I could see wearing them in the future or who we need to free up. These numbers really should ONLY be given to our better players who will be around long term.

#1 - ??
#2 - ??
#3 - Petrovic (currently wears this in AHL)
#4 - Ellerby (wouldnt mind freeing this up too)
#5 - Matheson (currently wears at BC)
#6 - ??
#7 - Kulikov
#8 - I'd like Bjugstad (his uncle wore this number his last season in the NHL)
#9 - Weiss
#10 - ?? (Corban Knight is currently #10 at ND so this could be a maybe)
#11 - Huberdeau
#12 - Currently Skille but lets free this up
#13 - ?? (freed up now that Santorelli is demoted)
#14 - Fleischmann
#15 - Shore (once he changes it)
#16 - ??
#17 - Currently Kuba but lets free this up
#18 - Matthias
#19 - Grimaldi (wears it at ND now) instead of Upshall
#20 - Currently Bergenheim but lets free this up
#21 - Howden (he was this number in WHL)
#22 - Currently Parros (could be freed up)
#23 - Currently Strachan (could be freed up)
#24 - ??
#25 - Markstrom (once Smithson is gone)

Guys like Campbell, Jovo, Gudbranson, Mueller, & Versteeg shouldnt change their numbers either but I just was thinking it would be cool to keep some of those lower numbers saved for the best players in our franchise. Personally, I dont like seeing anyone wear #27 since that was Mellanby's number and he meant so much to the franchise. But the guys I have pegged for other iconic numbers like #3 (Laus) & #5 (Gordie Murphy) would symbolize those same guys too in Petrovic & Matheson, respectively. Like whoever gets #24 has to embody the play of a guy like Svehla to keep the true meaning of the number IMO. And #20 should also be important too to reflect a guy like Skrudland IMO, dont just give that number to anyone who wants it.

Here's a link to the all-time numbers with the players wearing them in our franchise:

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